For this post I’m wearing this pair of striped pants from the brand Rewind, that I really like because they go with a lot of my tops and they are super comfortable. I paired them with one of my favorite t-shirts from the brand Freeze that has a celestial pattern on it, red-brown sandals from Target, and a turquoise, peace sign bracelet from Claire’s.

This is a great outfit for when the spring temperatures are still cool.  You can easily mix and match the shirt and the pants.

Look for another fashion post next week! 🙂





Festival 2

Since it is starting to get warmer outside, there are a lot of music festivals coming up. Often, music festivals like Coachella (which just took place), heavily influence trends for the next season. For this week’s outfit I’m wearing this Woodstock t-shirt I found from the brand Mighty Fine. Woodstock was one of the first/largest music festivals and took place in 1969.  I paired the shirt with wide leg, chambray pants from SO, a sun necklace from Claire’s, and a red leather bracelet from Etsy. I decided to not wear shoes for this post and opted for nail polish instead. I’m wearing Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in the shade “Sun Kissed”.

Also, Happy Earth Day! 🙂



Festival 3

Festival 1.jpg



Welcome to my first lifestyle/DIY post! I’m going to be posting more lifestyle/DIY posts soon – along with my fashion posts. For this post, I’m focusing on gardening.  I love spring and one of my favorite things to do in spring is garden.  I’ll be sharing some pics of my garden, and a DIY for these super easy plant markers! I love to grow as many indoor plants as possible and I love flowers, so I’m super excited to start growing this package of California Poppy seeds I found! The plant markers are super easy to make.


Step 1:  Find some acrylic paints in your favorite colors.

Step 2:  Using a paintbrush, blend the colors together while wet.

Step 3:  After the plant markers have dried you can use a permanent marker to label them.  The total cost for this project can be less than $3!

Happy Gardening!


Chocolate Mint and Cat Grass


Chocolate Mint