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Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted for so long but welcome to my first post of Fall 2018! I’m so stoked to finally have some cooler weather because it has been SO hot and sunny here. I’m also super hyped for Halloween which is one of my favorite holidays! One of my favorite things about Fall is being able to wear a lot more black, and dark colors in general. So this week I’m wearing one of my favorite hats which is a black fedora from Forever 21. This hat is great because it goes with everything, goes with any hair color, and makes most of my outfits look a little better. I found this purple lace cami on sale from Abercrombie and it has become one of my favorite tops. I like how simple it is, and purple is one of my favorite colors to wear! I paired it with these super comfortable, black and gray striped, wide-leg pants from Kohls, and tan block heels.

Thanks for reading! Happy Fall!



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This week:


Hey guys! So, this week I’m wearing one of my new favorite t shirts from SugarHigh! I picked this tee along with some others that I will be featuring on my blog soon because I thought they were really cute and artsy.  I paired this one with a pair of mom jeans from Asos by the brand Missguided, and my white Converse. If you would like to purchase this t shirt or anything else from SugarHigh, you can find the link in my Instagram bio. Hope you enjoy this post!



This week:



This week my pictures were actually taken by my  sister Gabby Rose from the blog Ruffles And A Rose, and I really love how they turned out!  I’m wearing a red paisley jumpsuit from American Eagle, that I paired with red faux leather sandals from Target, a tan fringe necklace from Shop Maude, and one of my favorite hats, which is a black velvet cabbie hat from


This week:

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This week I’m wearing my favorite pair of striped pants from Forever 21. I have actually had these for a couple of weeks but I haven’t had the chance to feature them yet. I really love the colors and the cut of these and I think they are perfect for summer. I paired them with sunny yellow heels from the brand Chase&Chloe, a black flowy cami top from the brand Mason + Mackenzie, and a simple gold elephant necklace from Forever 21.

Striped Pants 3

Striped Pants 2

Striped Pants 4

First summer post!


Welcome to my first post of summer! So I actually made this skirt from a pattern I got at Joann’s with some help from my grandma! I wanted a skirt that was bohemian, and went with most of my tops. I like the fabric because it’s very lightweight and comfortable, and I really like the color. I paired it with an embroidered lace-up crop top from the brand Chloah, a red faux leather fannypack, and red faux leather sandals from the brand Universal Thread.